HTTPS is a must requirement for the website and web applications as the internet community is starting to make the internet a secure place. Let’s review some of the options to make your domain, server, or individual web application secure with HTTPS protocols.

Drupal 8 & Drupal 9 uses object oriented hierarchy to assign a block to a region in a theme template file. When you need to assign a block to a region, Drupal 7 used to have a function called block_get_blocks_by_region(), starting Drupal 8 there was no specific function that can do this. Drupal 9 follows the same Object oriented hierarchy model to do the same however, there is slight change in the code due to the deprecated classes & functions. Follow the code below to understand how to assign a block to a region in your theme template file.

Typically a URL redirection is done using server-side scripting using the browser's HTTP header. But there are many other ways as well, and using JavaScript is one of the commonly & safe ways to navigate from one URL to another. There are many scenarios where you might need to use JavaScript to redirect a page.

Let's first review the scenarios when you might need a JavaScript redirection and how you can do an HTTP URL redirection using JavaScript.

When it comes to internet speed, your router is the key player that helps you stay connected to the internet with all your smart devices. Your router needs to be as good as your internet connection to handle the ISP speed and give you the same without losing any data packets while you are on your home WiFi network. Modern WiFi uses IEE 802.11ax which is the new standard that provides more than 1.4 times of WiFi 5 speed.


When working with GIT on windows, you may have need of accessing GIT command from any directory or software application. One of the most common examples is accessing GIT.exe using the command prompt from a directory outside the GIT’s installation directory.
You may have often saw the following error as well when you’re not able to access GIT command

'git' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Asexual reproduction is a reproduction that involves only one parent. It is seen as more common in invertebrates. Asexual reproduction means that the species can divide and form more population. It does not involve the fusion of gametes as seen in sexual reproduction, and most importantly, the number of chromosomes remains the same. The genes get inherited from a single parent.

An arthropod is an invertebrate that has an exoskeleton.Exoskeleton meaning an external skeleton. It has jointed leg-like attachments called appendages, and a segmented body. The arthropod class includes arachnids, crustaceans, and insects.

Arboreal Locomotion means the movement of animals in trees. In habitats where trees are present, animals move in them. A few of the animals scale trees rarely while others are arboreal more often. These habitats have many mechanical hurdles to animals running through them. It can lead to ecological, behavioral, anatomical changes. This includes the evolution of prehensile tails and sharper claws. These principles can also be applied to rock piles as well as mountains.

It is the bony growth, which is seen on the head of the animals like deer. They are large and branch out as they develop. Antlers are re-grown and shed every year in their breeding season.

In the context of species (insects, reptiles, fish, etc.) It is the sensory feel on the head of an arthropod, which is present in pairs. It can be sensitive to sound, heat, touch, and also taste. The shape of the antennae depends on the species of the animal and how they have developed it over time since their origin. The shape and length of the Antenna vary widely in form, but they are always made of one or more jointed segments.

The Structure of an Antenna

The structure of a typical insects’ antenna contains three primary parts. They are: