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What is an Animal? Definition and Examples of Animals?

They are Multi-cellular living organisms that are developed around 500 million years ago from single-cell marine organisms. The body shape of the animal is fixed once it reaches maturity but some species under metamorphosis. Animals are able to move, and they ingest other organisms for their survival. There are over one million of identified species that include insects, reptiles, birds, fish, and mammals.

What is Heat Versus Temperature? Definition, Differences, and Examples

What is the difference between heat and temperature?

First, let’s understand the difference between heat and temperature. The Temperature and Heat are interchangeable; they are related to each other but have different concepts. The matter is composed of molecules or particles that are in motion. Whether it is moving, rotating, vibrating, or in active motion.

Let us discuss the difference between the temperature versus heat

Now to understand what is heat vs. what is temperature, let’s learn more about its definition with examples.

How to check if a field exists in Drupal entity

If you are creating a new Drupal 8 theme, and you need to find out if a field exists or not in the node entity then you can use the following “hasField()” Drupal 8 function. It is a good idea to validate the existence before using it to avoid any unexpected error. Please note this method is only available in Drupal 8 and might not work for Drupal 7 theming.





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